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Content Management System (CMS)

Landing pages that convert. Banner design that attracts clicks. Graphic design that shows off your brand's identity. Web design that is beautiful and functional


Why the Need?

  • Developing and maintaining a website is a difficult task for almost every business that doesn't have an in-house web development department.
  • Defective or outdated information can cost a company in numerous ways.


  • A CMS or a 'Content Management System' quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site - without technical training.
  • Using this uncomplicated system you can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your web site on the fly.
  • You can have an unlimited number of pages and a full site-search engine.

Great for users with no programming or HTML experience? For web design to be effective, it has to

  • Efficient rendering across all platforms
  • Look good on all devices, from widescreens to tiny mobile phones
  • Have clear calls to action and keep the needs of the reader on top of the mind
  • Blend with content instead of overwhelming it and obfuscating the core message
  • Be uniform in look and feel everywhere, across all customer touch points
  • Focus less on pretty, shiny things like 3D icons and more on utility( function over form)

With a little knowledge & experience of MS Office, one may easily manage the content of their website.

  • With no programming experience, editing can be done with any normal web browser from anywhere in the world - or with your mobile device.FTS maintains a strong foothold in building the business technology workflows; this helps us understand the complexities involved during the product lifecycle management. Our Performance optimization methodologies helps you to mitigate any issues arising from performance gaps.

Application Development

  • SDLC: Business Requirement Document (BRD) to Support
  • Sustenance & Support
  • Portal & workflow applications
  • Performance optimization services

Website from core code Vs CMS Development

Static Website Business liability to have static HTML Hard to stay up to date with the new trends in the market or integrate with social media Need a programmer to set up and run. Need Deep technical understanding to carry out modifications modifications Compatibility issues,
CMS Based Website An efficient way to maintain your online presence Producing useful content is one of the best marketing strategies you can adopt. Have an intuitive graphical user interface and should be easy to understand and use, even to a non-technical user Allow custom designing of the frontend so that the website can have an unique look and feel Be highly extensible by allowing plug-ins and modules to build upon or add to core features

Widely Used Services


123 CMS Magnolia — Highly secure medium to build Enterprise Web Applications.

CMS Magnolia Development

With Magnolia, businesses create compelling digital experiences. Magnolia is a digital business platform with a CMS at its core, enabling you to connect data from any source, manage any content and publish to any device. Magnolia Community Edition offers you a free, easy-to-use powerful enterprise content management system at the heart of a digital business platform.

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Joomla! — CMS Web Development Services | CMS application Development.

Joomla! CMS Development

Joomla! Is considered as one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems. It is used all over the world for both simple website development to complex corporate web applications development. It is very simple to both technical and non-technical users to add, edit, and update content and images and in handling the important data in a Joomla! Site.

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234Magento Development

Magento CMS Development — a professional e-commerce system.

Magento is a fully-featured e-commerce Content Management System, offering complete adaptability and control over look and feel attributes, content, and functionality of a perfect online store. The Magento e-commerce platform has the flexibility of a true Open Source technology with highly-acclaimed features, to provide customers an unprecedented command over their web store-front operations and make robust online sales.

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WordPress Development.

WordPress CMS Development — Build a reliable, scalable and cost effective Website.

The massive reach of WordPress CMS in the field of blogging is undeniable. Gradually, CMS developers have realized the alternative use of a multipurpose Content Management System like WordPress. It provides easy-to-use features, beautiful templates to use in website development. Over the Internet, millions of websites are using WordPress as their favorite CMS backed by the numerous WordPress developers forum and websites that offer tons of free WordPress web templates and customizable modules

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Drupal Development

Drupal CMS Development — Efficient Workflow and Business Process Management website.

Build something amazing, for anyone, Drupal is content management software offer Drupal as a major part of web development solutions since it is much more extensible. The robust modular framework of Drupal written in PHP is trusted among major CMS web developers for creating and organizing websites using MySQL as database.

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