1. High Position Accuracy (< 2.5 meters)
  2. Smart Position updates feature:
    • Accurate, “on the road” positions.
    • Takes care of sharp turns nicely. For eg. If there is a U turn or the vehicle goes around the loop, vehicle position is captured accurately.
  3. Industry Best Fuel Monitoring Solution
  4. Beside position halts, idling and over speeding are also marked on the map
    • Current fuel level indication
    • Fuel Report that lists date/time/location and estimate of fuel added in liters and estimated mileage for the vehicle
    • Simultaneous updates to two different servers
    • At any time, log on to either server and get real-time information
    • TRUE 24×7 availability
  5. Other data upload features
    • No data loss even when GPRS connectivity is lost. Data is stored internally and uploaded after connectivity is restored
    • Uses TCP with additional application layer protocol to guarantee delivery of all packets
  6. Geo-Fencing
    • Alert message sent when geo-fence is crossed
  7. Field Programmable Voice Call Support
    • Configure-able incoming and outgoing numbers
    • Restricted in coming calls to avoid unnecessary disturbance to drive
    • Auto-pickup option
  8. Easy (cable free) configuration of the unit via SMS and GPRS
  9. Unit buttons are fully field configurable for wide variety of functions:
    • Send SMS
    • CUSTOM indication
    • Outgoing call
    • pickup/cut callr
  10. Tracking from your mobile phone
    • Special interface for mobile phone enables tracking from even very basic limited capability phones with GPRS interface
    • SMS response to a position request SMS
  11. Ability to replay a route taken by a vehicle for a given date and time
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